Our exclusive selection of the finest linens is only part of our specialties for the bath.  An added dimension is our selection of uniquely alluring accessories.  These bath room accessories range from soap dishes, tumblers, brush holders, and trays, to tissue boxes and wastebaskets.

Although E. Braun & Co. bath accessories are available in a stunning variety of designs and configurations, they all have something in common:  we insist that they all be hand-crafted by modern day masters skilled in centuries old techniques.  Stones are proportioned, shaped, and polished to a velvety finish, with intriquing fossils, and subtle layering.  Marble that is mined from the world’s best quarries, as well as travertine, onyx, and alabaster.  Hand-tooled metals, highest quality Lucite, Lacquer, or Resin, leathers, blown glass, lead crystal and, of course hand-enameled accessories in an array of engaging colors are offered.  Finally, organics that include lacquered opalescent shells, egg shells, and seedpods mounted with resin and “tiled” for an exquisite and organic look.

After the rigors of the workday, close the bathroom door and invent you own private world, where tensions slip away and serenity prevails.  E. Braun & Co. makes it simple.  Where the quest for the perfect home begins.